Flames in the Rose Cage

Ivory Flame was on tour in Scotland again, and of course who can resist a shoot with one of the best models ever. Sadly I didn’t have a studio available and in April it was still on the wintery side, so we managed to throw together a makeshift studio in the conservatory, lots of materials were thrown around and a gold chenille backdrop draped from the ceiling. Lighting was tricky and a lot of post processing was needed to balance the images….

A change of colour…with red velvet…

Then…some green frills…

The Rose Cage….

Ivory Flame
Ivory Flame

Then changing outfits..

Ivory Flame

…..and adding some delicate drapes….

And finally a trip outside in the woods behind the house, where it’s dark and spooky

Ivory Flame

Working with Ivory Flame is an absolute joy, and every shoot is different and highly creative. Her grace and poise, together with her professional attitude make her one of the best models in the UK, she always delivers first class images and her natural beauty shines through in every picture. Highly recommended to any photography at any level.

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