Faith in the Studio

Back in July of last year I managed to organise  a studio shoot with Faith Obae, I had seen her work before and a few shooty ideas started to present themselves in my head, as they do!

Firstly I went on the hunt for some red material that I planned to somehow attach to the studio, and with a stroke of luck I ended up in Hobbycraft and managed to get some red velvet at a silly price, and by that I mean seriously cheap. So after picking Faith up at the train station we headed off to the studio and quickly got under way….after a cuppa of course!

DSC_2992-Edit DSC_2998-Edit DSC_3012-Edit Faith caught in Red

Faith Obae

Faith Obae

Faith in Red DSC_3146-Edit


There were endless possibilities for the red velvet but we moved on. A few simple nudes next.


DSC_3186-Edit DSC_3197-Edit-Edit


And of course…..The Chair!


Faith on the Edge Faith on a Chair Faith and the Chair

Faith Waiting


Then a few portraits, something I need to do more of I think……


Faith in Thought Faith in Mono


We changed the backdrop, which is always a ‘challenge’ and changed the feel and theme of the shoot.


DSC_3461-Edit DSC_3479-Edit-2 Faith in WHite DSC_3691-Edit-2


What a terrific shoot!…needless to say Faith was fabulous, very pleasant company and does a great job. I’d highly recommend her to anyone and everyone.


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