CherP in the Studio

Still Summer in 2017 when I saw a casting call in Purple Port from a local model that I hadn’t worked with before, sadly I only had 2 hours to shoot. However I got in touch with Cher and organised a studio time, as anyone who has been to the studio knows its a bit tricky to find and many folks get lost in the darkest depth of Fife…never to be seen again! It’s very much a dangerous prospect and only the adventurous sally forth in search of said studio!.

Anyway Cher got a bit lost, as many do, but we eventually got there in the end and without further ado we got down to some shooting…and tea….can’t go without a cuppa!

Then some nude work on the sofa….


Adding a little lingerie….for a splash of colour!


Still on the sofa theme…..let’s add a leather duster…



A quick cuppa then moving on…..and some lace…


…..and leather…..


And finally something a little softer…..


All this in only two hours including tea!…good result!

Anyways, Cher was excellent and highly recommended, very professional and friendly with a super look and style. If you get a chance to book her do it….cuz I most certainly will at a later date!

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