Chrissie Red at Airlie Tower

Yay!…Location hunting with Chrissie, we did our usual…..jumped in the car to see what we could find. I had come across some back roads near the Glens before and had happened upon a very lush wood, I noticed it had a large sunlit gap in the trees and mentally marked it as a place to return to. And so Chrissie and I did, the place isn’t far from the road but its well hidden and very sheltered, Although we didn’t shoot there we wandered round to see what we could find and decided it was best for a spring shoot.

Marble LochIt hard to believe that its hidden from the road but Scotland is full of such places. Not far from here we came across a signpost in the middle of nowhere, it pointed to a graveyard, Chrissie shouted ‘Go there’ as I nearly drove past it.

It turned out to be a very pretty old graveyard with a fantastic view, it was also the start of the walk to AIrlie Tower. Airlie Tower sits on top a hill and can be seen for miles around but I no idea how to get there, until today. There was a map on a billboard and so off we went, it was a bit of a climb but nothing too arduous. We passed one couple coming down the way and there was no-one else it sight. And when we got to the top we took some images.

Airlie Hill

DSC_9234-EditIts quite difficult to get the scale of the tower and its surroundings, we had walked through woods to get there but the area around the tower was moorland.

From the tower we could see a gate in the distance and I thought we could get some images of Chrissie at the gate with the tower in the background, which we did. However the pictures of Chrissie on the gate were so much better.

Gate Vigil


DSC_9336-Edit-2 DSC_9327-Edit-2


By this time the weather was starting to get a bit gloomy so we raced down the hill and zoomed back to a cafe called The Joinery in Meigle for coffee and cake. Another fun day out with the ever professional Chrissie Red.


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