Emma Willis

March 2014 already!……where does the time go these days? I had originally planned a shoot with Emma back in December but somehow things went horribly wrong and we rescheduled. It was still on the chilly side so I decided to play safe and book the studio. I had some ideas about tension with rope and chains in a non fetish bondage kinda way. More of a symbolic struggle of life in general, however when Emma arrived she wasn’t feeling at all well. So we hung about the studio, drank tea and chatted for a while til she felt a bit better, I decided that doing strenuous stuff was not a good idea so we did a more gentle approach, kind of experimenting as we went….which was just as good because it make me think more about simplicity. And thinking is good for a bear of very little brain power (ref. AA Milne)

Anyways, of we went clickity click! Flash!

Emma DSC_1298-Edit DSC_1311-Edit DSC_1348-Edit-2 DSC_1370-Edit DSC_1454-Edit-2 DSC_1500-Edit-2 DSC_1525-Edit-2



Considering she wasn’t well Emma soldiered on and pulled it off with class, which just goes to show the quality and professionalism she maintains. Lovely girl, highly recommended.


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