Nicole in the Studio

So Summer in Scotland sneaked in upon us, I only really knew it was Summer because the rain was warmer and we hard to turn the heating down! It was one of those cool days in June when I picked Nicole up, Howard Kennedy was kind enough to drive her down from Aberdeen. Initially the idea was to have two hours in the studio and two hours on the beach, however everyone was wearing heavy coats and there lies a clue as to one of the reasons why we didn’t make it to the beach.

Anyway… to the studio after getting the usual snacks….snacks are important! (©HS)

So we start of with some simple nudes, well people tend to call them simple however they are often anything but simple. Often when there is little to work with a model has to be more creative and expressive in her use of poses, I think its something that’s often not known nor appreciated enough by those who  aren’t immersed in the art nude world.

Needless to say Nicole nailed it….



Next a little experimentation with a ladder……as you do!



A change of direction with lighting……….



Then…dare I say it…..some clothes, but only a little.



And some more in a portrait style….with a few even safe for work…..outrageous!!



Then a  return to nudes at floor level….



Then some gritty post processing over some lingerie shots in the spotlight.

Then before you know it time was up and we forgot all about the beach anyway.

A very productive morning all in all with a good chinwag in between scenes, and of course the usual cups of tea. It was much fun working with Nicole, a very chatty warm friendly person with a good sense of humour which always makes for a special shoot. Highly recommended.


4 thoughts on “Nicole in the Studio

  1. Neil H Barton

    Love the images John,I was wondering what software you use to render the images.I have just started in this genre of photography (I seem to have been missing out) Anyway i didn’t what join a class or group so I went out on my own,first shoot with the wonderful Nicole Rayner nothing like jumping in at the deep end already planning shoot number two and another coming up with another model soon.i will be posting my first images on my website soon.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Neil

      Glad you jumped into this genre with a high class model, sometimes that’s the best way to go. As for software I use the usual Lightroom and PS for most things and use Imagenomic Portraiture for skin smoothing. I use topaz plugins for textures and Silverfex for mono, occasionally I use topaz impressions for a painterly look.
      I think you’ll find that most photographers that venture into this genre are usually very helpful and free with their advice. It’s also handy to listen to models for creative input, they can often see things that the photographer misses. I wish you lots of success


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