Chrissie and Glen Turret

Chrissie and I decided to go out on one of our jaunts again, I had been using Google earth to find abandoned buildings and such and came across a building in the middle of the forest. It was somewhere near Comrie and a bit of a clamber to get to it, however by the time we got there the forest had pretty much taken it over and shooting there would be dangerous and very limited….

Spot the Chrissie…..


So after all that fighting through the forest we headed to the Famous Grouse Distillery for food, they have a great restaurant there and its become one of our regular places to go to in that area. But on the way in we came across two very special kittens, their names were Glen and Turret. They are successors to Hamish the old distillery mouser and guardian who sadly died not long ago. the kittens were fab and full of beans. Camera pics

20150812_133926 20150812_133936 20150812_134003


After lunch we went up the single track Glen Turret road to Loch Turret, it was empty of people and quite a warm still day there, normally its a hollowing gale. Anyway we found a good scene to set up right next to the path.


DSC_4266-Edit Glen Turret DSC_4274-Edit DSC_4286-Edit DSC_4292-Edit

Chrissie Red

Chrissie Red

It was a very picturesque scene but we didn’t have long to spend so we headed back again when other people started to arrive. On the way back we were held up at ‘horn point’ by errant highland cows!!!……who refused to budge!! Chrissie grabs my camera for these shots.

DSC_4343-Edit DSC_4348-Edit


Also this is first time I’ve every seen a blonde highland coo…


Yet another fun adventure out into the wilds of Scotland, something always happens when we go out on a looksee….oh I never mentioned the naked wasp dance, ah well some other time 😉

Stay tuned for the next Chrissie and John adventure…..


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