Helen Stephens does it again!

So April rolls along, strangely enough right after March…how consistent! And Helen Stephens comes for a visit after her workshop weekend with Photoclassic and two other models, Keira Lavelle and Sophia Blake. So we end up in the studio and I’m still pretty excited about the pearl skirt, needless to say we used it.

An interesting feature for the day was that the smoke alarm was erm…alarming. A massive ladder was brought in to sort it out….I was seen using a screwdriver!!

Anyway we bash on with some nude shapes to start of with, using an overhead light set up.


Pretty sure we had tea and snacks  to give Helen’s muscles a rest, it may not seem like it but nude shapes can be quite arduous and very tiring. The kettle went on, a few chinwags took place, then we continued with the pearl skirt.


……………with the sofa!

So keeping with the sofa, we changed outfits….One of the best things about working with great models is that they are excellent at using props and various outfits. Earlier in the year I went to a vintage clothes sale and bought some dresses and other stuff for silly money. I managed to get a designer dress for £15, it’s lovely shade of purple but strangely these images here worked out best as mono.


Moving on for a quick change of seating and outfits….


Then finally for some portraits, the lace was from Artemis and the red jacket was from the vintage clothes fare.


It’s always the same……too many ideas, never enough time.  Nevertheless it was highly productive; with so many good images it’s always a dilemma when you have to shortlist them for editing.

So back home for Vegan haggis, neeps and tatties. A very fun day as always with Helen.

If you haven’t had a shoot with Helen yet then you are missing out on something special. Highly recommended to anyone and everyone…however….brings snacks 😉


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