Miss Red – A Pre-wedding Shoot

This was the first shoot of the year for Chrissie and I, due to many things going on including her wedding in just over 2 weeks time. As such I was given instructions not to break her before the wedding, a bride in a plaster cast never looks good in the wedding album. Anyways all kidding aside we went out on a very sunny day for March, we had spotted a location last year and we decided to check it out as there was a loch on the far side of a forest track. We were the only one there, it was a remote  forest and the tiny car park was empty. After a little walk we came to a promising area that had been cut down a few years ago and was just coming back up again.

DSC_1546-Edit-2 DSC_1553-Edit-2


A somewhat soggy and hazardous area under foot so we shuffled on in search of the loch, however after a fair slog we came to the conclusion that must have taken a wrong turn, or I had imagined it or something. We turned away from the path and follow a smaller track that petered out into the middle of the forest, so we headed into the trees and immediately found this murky pool with a sunlight shining through the trees.





DSC_1584-Edit-2 Forest Reflections


We headed through the trees in the general direction of the main path, however many dead trees had blocked our way and a bit of clambering and climbing was required! Remember, do not break your model before the wedding!! On the way back we snagged some images amoungst the tree carnage of the winters blustery storms.



This was my first location shoot for 6 months and I have to say I made some bloody stupid schoolboy errors, it’s amazing how quickly my brain forgets to check things. As such I was way outperformed by the excellent talents of Chrissie Red…..as usual…but I’m not complaining 🙂

When I got home and checked the map for the loch I found it was just round the next bend, we were only 2 minutes from getting there before turning off. Another visit perhaps. Also I managed to keep Chrissie unbroken, not even a bruise!



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