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Heather May Corvid



Ok so despite my last blog Summer did actually happen in Scotland and it was on one hot Summers day that I booked Heather May Corvid. She and Sassy Su had hired an apartment to stay and use for shoots in the middle of the old part of Aberdeen. Now I do like the challenge of Hotel/Apartment shoots, the light is unpredictable and you have to adapt to the conditions of each scene, some rooms are dark and some are lighter etc etc. Then there’s the decor and furniture, lots to work with and lots that can be a challenge.

Anyway we started out in a dark room with a lovely window, however not much light coming through it…which softened it.


And just a little lace…..

Moving into the main sitting room with large windows and curtains, a bit more light now for this high key image…..


However there was an office block across the street that could see inside so we decided to make the room dark and moody…with some lingerie..


In the hall I spotted some low level skirting lights….could be interesting I thought….worth a bash!….. ala The Carpet Crawlers


The dark and moody was the way forward so we headed back into the main room and moved some of the furniture about to create a scene….with more lace.

Then back to a little nude work with much shifting of sofa and chairs…and keeping the moody feel…..

Finally time was running out and we finished with some portraits with the able help of Sas holding the reflector…..


What a fab afternoon!….Heather is a lovely model and expert tea maker, very friendly and chatty. She has a lovely look and an infectious cheery smile. Such a pleasure to work with.


Nicole in the Studio

So Summer in Scotland sneaked in upon us, I only really knew it was Summer because the rain was warmer and we hard to turn the heating down! It was one of those cool days in June when I picked Nicole up, Howard Kennedy was kind enough to drive her down from Aberdeen. Initially the idea was to have two hours in the studio and two hours on the beach, however everyone was wearing heavy coats and there lies a clue as to one of the reasons why we didn’t make it to the beach.

Anyway… to the studio after getting the usual snacks….snacks are important! (©HS)

So we start of with some simple nudes, well people tend to call them simple however they are often anything but simple. Often when there is little to work with a model has to be more creative and expressive in her use of poses, I think its something that’s often not known nor appreciated enough by those who  aren’t immersed in the art nude world.

Needless to say Nicole nailed it….



Next a little experimentation with a ladder……as you do!



A change of direction with lighting……….



Then…dare I say it…..some clothes, but only a little.



And some more in a portrait style….with a few even safe for work…..outrageous!!



Then a  return to nudes at floor level….



Then some gritty post processing over some lingerie shots in the spotlight.

Then before you know it time was up and we forgot all about the beach anyway.

A very productive morning all in all with a good chinwag in between scenes, and of course the usual cups of tea. It was much fun working with Nicole, a very chatty warm friendly person with a good sense of humour which always makes for a special shoot. Highly recommended.