Chrissie at Amulree

Still Summer of 2013 and for our second shoot of July Chrissie and I did a little location hunting near Crieff, we had passed this place before but this time decided to park the car walk it and this what we found.



However we judged that this would look better in the winter, more stark and bitter looking, so went here instead, the road to Kenmore from Amulree. I admit to going off road and venturing on private roads…..sometimes needs must. We stopped here.





Actually the view is from an old house which is collapsing and currently being used as a cow shed…..the evidence being the amount of cow shit on the floor, it was very dark with contrasty light….didn’t smell too good either. We got good shots though.


The Casual View

Looking Out




Fab day out with glorious weather, Chrissie went a big stretch to brave the cow pooh!

I think we stopped at a chocolate shop on  the way home, funny how things work out 😉



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