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Elle Black

Back in November last year Chrissie, Rory and I decided to book a model and have a shoot in Studio RoRo, mainly because we’d been planning a joint shoot for ages, just for the hell of it.
I booked the studio and I left Chrissie to book a model and she came up with a cracker in the form of Elle Black. Now I had not seen any of Elle’s previous work in the past and she happened to be up in Scotland anyway so it seemed like a match made by provenance. She came prepared with a huge bag of clothes and various outfits, and a killer personality. It wasn’t long before we got down to a tag team kind of shooting session.

Very versatile and really puts a lot of energy into her work, Near the end of the shoot Chrissie decided to join in, the contrast between their different hair colours and body tones works really well,

This image below is called The Rope Dancer and has multiple salon acceptances

Another excellent shoot with an excellent model, who I have to say works very hard indeed and at the end of the shoot still seemed to have bundles of energy and ideas. I love those dreads she has, they look fantastic and are a real bonus in images…it certainly makes her different from other models and I suppose it gives her an edge if a shoot calls for something a little different. However there’s more to Elle than just great hair, she’s good fun to work with and really delivers. So Elle Black, highly recommended?…hell yes! 🙂

Chrissie at RoRo Studios

Back in Oct 12 I managed to get Chrissie Red into the studio for a couple of hours, the studio owner is a member of St Andrews PS and his studio, called Studio RoRo is out near Tayport. It’s a great local studio, warm, clean and full of toys…erm I mean equipment 😉
I had used the studio earlier in the year and still had a couple of things I wanted to try with the make up mirror.
This mirror image is called Film Noir has had several FIAP acceptances.

This image is called The Lamia, the name taken from the Genesis album The Lamb Lies down on Broadway, a creature of beauty and grace.
Edgy or what?
There’s so many different images from this shoot that its very difficult to choose  so I have picked ones with poses or outfits that people may not have seen Chrissie use before.

This image is called The Morning Stretch
Chrissie and I don’t often use the studio much as we both prefer location shoots, however it just shows that she is as versatile in the studio as she is on location. This winter has been quite harsh and cold so I suspect we might use it more often next winter, something to look forward too.
If you ever get a chance to work with Chrissie in the studio then I recommend you snap up a studio slot, you’ll find it productive and a joy 🙂