Stephanie’s Studio Day

November 2017 we had a studio day with Stephanie Dubois, strangely enough it was the only studio day to have no women photographers, normally the women out number then men by a long way. Anyways, most of the guys wanted to do portraits, so I set up some simple lighting and Stephanie did the rest in her usual engaging and professional manner. She’s always a delight to work with. As normal on a studio day I took the last two slots and when everyone had been and gone (clutching their prized images in their hot little hands) I set the lights up for a different look for portraits and 3/4 length.

And with a short break for a cuppa…off we went with a Whiz Bang!



Adding a little lace…….


Then a red jacket I got from the vintage fare….


Then a raggedy sheer dress…..


Then a spot of colour….to end the portraits


After another cuppa and a break……I change the lighting and theme and we use one of Stephanie’s designer outfits made by Kathrine Davidson.



Then the same outfit but this time in white………


Another cuppa….and another light change, something more dramatic using a spotlight this time.



The last image of the day is called Prisoner of the Mind, it’s a portrait of Depression.


Then as it always does…the day vanished and it was going home time, another fab shoot with this lovely lady. Everyone was very impressed with her work and her willingness to get good results. I can’t recommend Stephanie highly enough, always professional and always lovely.




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