Angels, Tragedies and a Dark Presence

Hurrah another shoot with the ever lovely Rachelle Summers, another studio shoot as the weather was a bit pants…..again. So I had a couple of ideas in mind for this one, something different for me and a bit of a gamble….I wasn’t totally convinced these ideas would work. However I was more than happy with the results

Firstly Angels wings of the gossamer sort……….well not quite but it works all the same.

Gently Gently…..

Rachelle Summers

Rachelle Summers







Rachelle Summers

Rachelle Summers

Then time to let rip!!!….


DSC_0431-Edit DSC_0467-Edit DSC_0482-Edit DSC_0513-Edit DSC_0517-Edit Gossamer Ties


Then we moved to another idea on a story based theme called A Spanish Tragedy.

A slideshow with music that you can find here

A Spanish Tragedy

These are some images from the series….dark and moody..



DSC_0577-Edit DSC_0588-Edit DSC_0594-Edit DSC_0729-Edit DSC_0930-Edit DSC_1237-Edit DSC_1265-Edit


Then another idea…..called a Dark Presence, a symbolic piece of imagery relating to and pointing to a dark emotional attachment that can be unhealthy but at the same time comforting in some situations. It is a shadow, separate but still there at all times



DSC_1274-Edit-2 DSC_1296-Edit-2 DSC_1304-Edit-2 DSC_1313-Edit-2 DSC_1319-Edit-2 DSC_1320-Edit-2 DSC_1325-Edit-2 DSC_1336-Edit DSC_1351-Edit-2


Angels and Demons within us…and how they play snakes and ladders with our life, using our minds as dice, they shake the dice and roll a number……

Many thanks to Rachelle Summers who is always a stunning model and a down right lovely person.

There were a lot of technical difficulties in this shoot and it took a while to get to grips with this, fortunately Rachelle has a lot of patience and we got there in the end.


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