Monthly Archives: October 2011

The Dryad Queen and Work

So this month I had a great shoot with Chrissie Red and her partner Rory, we had arranged this shoot earlier at the end of summer with Ellie Smithy, unfortunately Ellie couldn’t make it in the end. We met up at Chrissie’s new flat and she showed me around, it’s still unfinished but that is gonna be one excellent flat when it’s done, loads character and a room with a great bay window. Anyways because Rory and Chrissie were moving towns I thought it would be good to go somewhere closer to their flat so that they can take others photographers at a later date, I don’t mind sharing locations with other people, I’m not one for keeping interesting places secret if I find them; after all its just as much what you do there as the location itself.
 Firstly we went to Lairds Loch, it’s quite a common location for ramblers and dog walkers, it’s usually a very busy area but today was quiet….very handy. The path skirts round the loch and heads up into the pine forest, which although nice to walk thru isn’t really photogenic and the backdrop is way too messy. So I thought  the little jettys that poke out over the water would be a good start, especially as the  background foliage was getting to that dull green and brown stage making the model pop out in the image.

We worked our way back to the car, shooting in places we spotted before, first near the boathouse then onto the some tree stumps that stood at the side of the loch, finishing with a snack attack before moving on to the next location.

Reekie Lynn! Now this is strange place to shoot as really it doesn’t have little places you can position a model in, its a nice walk and a great waterfall, very dramatic and tucked away from the road. However I knew of a small area further on from the waterfall that would have golden leaves and mosses at this time of year. I know it seems strange to walk past an interesting landmark and not use it but trees and colour were the aim of the day not waterfalls. After a little trudging we got there and got to work under a golden canopy, to the side were mosses and a tumbledown tree trunks….Lighting was very low but colours were fantastic, and Chrissie?… perfect as always!

Work:- well I was gonna talk about work and how redundancies reared it ugly head again, every 6 months is the pattern now. But to be honest I’m past caring about work, I lost interest in it years ago and its been beaten to death by really bad upper management. Sound familiar anyone?