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So seeing as I have just started this blog with a ramble I might as well continue with a non ramble.
So I will blog my shoot with Holly and try and add pics at certain points (Oooer!)

Well anyways I tried to organise a shoot with St Andrews Photographic Society which involved Ivory Flame (Holly) and Chrissie Red in a  flower fairies themed shoot, Unfortunately this didn’t come off thru no fault of anyones….just bad timing etc etc…. though I must admit to being a tad disappointed. I still think this would be an excellent shoot, however moving on. When Holly said she was coming up to Scotland for a tour I booked her for a 4 hour slot, nice move I thought, I’d always intended to book her seperately from the St Andrews shoot anyways. My next dilemma was what the hell am I gonna do with her?!…I had no idea! It was too late for the gardens and flowers and other locations were getting harder to get to or involved too much travel time.
Also Holly need to be in Aberdeen in the afternoon for another shoot with Sarah and Mike Fraser, hmm I pondered and thunk and bits of my mind went a dull grinding noise. In the end I  opted for going to the Bridge of Dun and the House of Dun, this being halfway between Dundee and Aberdeen. Now I had been there before with Chrissie Red, Chris Cargill and Mhari Miller but there was still bits of these locations that hadn’t been photographed yet. The previous shoot with Chrissie Red at the train station turned out great however at that time we were expecting to get on the trains….no such luck though as there was no-one there at the time to let us on….a bit of a let down but I can’t really complain as we got some really good images. Chrissie was exceptional as always.
Anyways Holly and I wander in to the train station and the main man was there fixing a lawn mower, after a little bit of banter he gave us the key to the trains!!…result!!!…totally unexpected!
I was only expecting to do the parts of the station on the outside that I’d missed the last time but hey who was I to pass up the offer of accees to the trains. These were carriages dating back to 1957 and 1962…all old wood and private compartments etc …real old style.

So of we go shoot shoot shoot…the light was a little tricky inside but do-able, Holly was great for that location, her looks , her style, complextion and clothes…couldn’t fail really I just had to go ‘click’

I think there was only one area that would have really good for  a nude shot but alas I failed to recognise it…it ain’t always the way when you look back at your images and say to yourself….’bugger’ ..if only.

 Ah well such is life, I can always go back again and redo at a later date.
After the train station we went to the House of Dun for a tea/coffee and cake, god that coconut custard pie is just heavenly. So on we go for another shoot down by the woodland walk and ice house, unfortunately we were running out of time by this point and I had to be a bit more slap dash than normal but it turned out good…still very tricky light though as the sun was very harsh that day, overexposure was a big problem. Holly was flawless, moving gracefully from one pose to another tireless and angelic.

 However all good things come to an end and I eventually drove Holly up to Aberdeen to hand her over to the hands of Mike and Sarah….all in all a grand day out!!


The insane ramblings of  an ordinary person, the life and loves, the ups and downs and all performed without the aid of a safety net or even a glass of a particularly nice Margeaux. Of course this can be said for anyone as really we are all insane to some extent, sanity is is like a ballon floating around the room. Usually we can hang onto the attached string but on occasion it slips thru the fingers and before we know it its bouncing arond the ceiling just out of reach, The trick is to keep a spare pack of ballons, that way you can always blow yer own ….. ballon that is!. And if you’re really adventurous you can bend and twist it into a different shape….but what you do behind closed doors and in your own time is up to you.
Anyways, back to the blog thing….erm dunno…my train of thought turned into a loose caboose and has run down the track and way round the bend, now…where’s that ballon gone?!