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Summers at St Cyrus

On a hot summers day in July I had a shoot with Rachelle Summers at St Cyrus, with Covid still a major factor I chose a location that was near Rachelle’s route through Scotland. Although it was a four hour shoot I chose to spend all day at St Cyrus shooting wildlife in the morning as it is a RSPB sight of interest. It was a stiflingly hot morning, albeit cloudy and misty, not only that all the wildlife had obviously decided to hunker down and hide. To get to the beach at St Cyrus there is a very steep cliff path downwards from the car park, it is not something to climb back up to at a whim with a heavy camera and a big wildlife lens.

When noon came I trudged up the path to the car park to get ready for the shoot with Rachelle, it’s a killer climb up on a hot day. Lens changed, snacks consumed, camera set for model work…and much water drunk! Not long after Rachelle and Mr Summers arrived and the skies opened up and the sun came out. And once more down the steep path we went, the beach that was empty in the misty morning was now fairly busy with tourists and holiday makers, however we managed to work our way round it….by hiding in the cave….

Rachelle Summers

As the tide was going it very fast we used it to get to some more remote places…

For a change of pace we moved to the beach for a while…..and a change of scene….

Rachelle Summers

We had a quick scout about the rocks to see if we could reach the waterfall to the north, the route was still blocked off by the tide, however we spotted a very small Rachelle sized hollow in the cliff…

Rachelle Summers

While we waited for access to the waterfall we headed back to the main cave, the water had almost gone….the tide was moving fast.

By this time there was a small route to the waterfall, leaving Mr Summers behind to guard some props and clothes, we picked our way over wet rocks to the waterfall.

Rachelle Summers

Time was marching on, as it does with it’s clumpy tactless boots, and we managed to get a few more images on the way back to the steep path….

I suspect this last image was in full view of the car park on the cliff top but Rachelle insisted on doing it, and who am I to let a lady down.

And so the shoot ended with more than a few laughs, rock scrambling, jellyfish, squidgy green things, much sogginess, towel wearing…….and of course all the wildlife came out when I left the big lens in the car!….It was all good though, and another grand adventure was bagged. It was good to see Mr Summers again too.

Natasha Oliver

So on the heels on the previous remote shoots Natasha and I made arrangements for a shoot in July, nice light during the day and some studio work in one of her rooms. We had a couple of hours so we got down to it, firstly some lingerie on the ivy chair in some window light.

Natasha Oliver
Natasha Oliver

We removed the chair and used the space for some nude work….

Then for a complete change, we moved to a bedroom with some soft cushions etc.

Natasha Oliver

Lastly we moved to Natasha’s studio, and after a ‘spider incident’ we moved quickly through some three quarter length shots and portraits. I suspect the spider was watching with interest from it’s hidey hole

Then before you know it time was up which gave the spider a break from cowering in a corner. I did suggest it would make a good pet but Natasha was having none of it! I’m sure it was looking for some TLC and a juicy fly.

It was a quick but fab shoot and Natasha was lovely to work with, I’m sure she will be doing more remote shoots and other photographers will be snapping up those opportunities. Highly Recommended.

Keira on the Beach

So this was the first 1-2-1 shoot of the year due to the pandemic lockdown relaxing, we were allowed to shoot on location but not yet in the studio, so off Keira Lavelle and I went to Kinshaldy beach for a seaside adventure. It was a bit of a hazy start with the promise of blue skies later. Ideally the plan was to adlib the sets and scene til we got to a place where could do some art nude if we wanted to. So on the way there we found some lovely little scenes….

Keira Lavelle
Keira Lavelle

And just a little behind me and the camera was another scene…this isn’t far from the car park so thank goodness it was a quiet day!

Once we got fairly far along the beach it seemed deserted….so we managed to mix and match some nude and clothing, someone also managed to construct a little wind break from washed up debris…

By this time I think Keira was dying to jump into the sea…. one of her favourite pastimes I believe, so we made our way to the shoreline….

There was a guy wandering about in the distance so we started off with a sheer dress in the surf…

Keira Lavelle

It turns out the wandering guy was a nudist, all he wore was a woolly hat which he hung on a stick before jumping into the water. Obviously he wasn’t going to be bothered about nudity so Keira removed her dress for some art nude…..

Keira Lavelle
Keira Lavelle

By this time the nudist bloke wandered over for a quick hello, sporting an erect and mediocre protuberance of a disturbing nature. This was our cue to pack up and go, we wandered back to car for a snack and a drink……dehydration is a major factor on the beach in the summer, it sneaks up on you without realizing it. After a quick review of the images we headed of to the forest, sadly I couldn’t find the area I had in mind but we adapted and improvised…..

Keira Lavelle

By this time the forest was quite busy but we were happy to play about in the trees with various outfits…also the sun came out and the forest offered some controlled light.

Keira Lavelle

And of course we chatted, laughed, snacked and clambered/stumbled over all manner of things. Shooting with Keira is always a fun experience, she has such an infectious zest for life and new experiences which is uplifting and joyful. However all good things come to an end eventually, we wandered back to the cars and packed up, wet things got dried, more snacks were eaten….and we nearly even forgot about the small pokey out thing on legs. Another chapter in the Adventures of an Art Nude Photographer I deem.

Kiera is up in Scotland a lot so you have no excuse not to book her, no excuse what so ever…cuz like you are missing out if you don’t, besides secretly you know you want to!

PS….it appeared I picked up 2 friends from that shoot, nasty ticks… careful at Kinshaldy, the little nippers are rife in the forest part!

Carla Monaco

I had never worked with Carla before, I’ve seen her work and knew she was often up in Scotland but I never had the chance to get to work with her. So when the pandemic hit it gave me an opportunity to create something remotely when Carla set up some scenes in her home. Again I was trying to work on a specific editing technique this time with subtle pale colours.

The lighting and techy bits were set up by Adrian Crook

Carla Monaco
Carla Monaco
Carla Monaco

A quick change of hair style, accessories and props……and something fluffy!

Another change for some mono work….

Our final scene was a complete change of set…basically a different room altogether, already set up with drapes and props.

Carla Monaco

I loved the images from this remote shoot, Carla was lovely to work with and Adrian was chatty, helpful and friendly during the shoot set ups. Hopefully at some point we can get a 1-2-1 shoot, however the world is topsy turvy at the moment so who knows when. Anyways, I highly recommend a remote shoot with Carla, fabulous set ups, props and clothes….and of course model.

A Distant Flame

So quickly moving on from my first remote shoot, Ivory Flame and I got together for another remote shoot. This shoot being a little different from before because I had a specific editing style that I wanted to try out and as such the setup, props and poses were constructed accordingly by Ivory Flame, who did a lovely job with the colours and fabrics.

It wasn’t long before we got underway with a rich purple fabric…

Ivory Flame

Moving on to some sparkles and pearls….

Ivory Flame

And then a rich red….

Some floaty sheer greeny yellow green green in a yellow green sheer way….

Ivory Flame

We changed things around and added more props and changed the backdrop, keeping the same ‘feel’ for the final set of the shoot.

Ivory Flame
Ivory Flame

Ivory Flame has done a lot of work to turn her home into a lovely studio, with a wide range of sets and costumes. The lighting is lovely and the colours are rich and vibrant, with all her clothes and accessories at hand the possibilities are almost endless. And of course working with a top model means stunning images are guaranteed.

I would encourage all photographers to get the Ivory Flame remote experience, for those who have never worked with Ivory Flame you are definitely missing out on something very special.

Artemis Fauna on Remote

So the pandemic had been a whole year by the time I got on to doing remote shoots, many models and photographers had already started doing remote shoots for a while. For me personally I used the pandemic to give myself a creative break for a while. During 2020 I did very few shoots, much less than usual. In March 21 I decided it was time to get back into the swing of things and try out some remote shoots, fortunately for me Artemis had some time available for a remote shoot. It didn’t take long to get going as Artemis had everything all set up ready to go. We started with some pink fluff!…

Artemis Fauna

Then moving on the some orange and cream colours….

Artemis Fauna

Then some Lingerie….something I haven’t got many images of…..

Artemis Fauna

And lastly some nudes and the peacock chair…..

Artemis Fauna
Artemis Fauna

So this was my first remote shoot and very enjoyable it was, once you get the hang of controlling the remote camera the shoot is a breeze. Of course Artemis made it easy to do and guided me through the initial set up. The results were high quality images sent via dropbox and it gave me a taste for doing it again. Plus it’s always good to catch up with Artemis anyway and discuss a possible ‘reality’ shoot for August. If you are thinking of dipping your toes into a remote shoot then doing so with Artemis is highly recommended.

Kai Yee

So back in October 2020, while the Covid-19 restrictions weren’t so ….erm restrictive I managed to team up with Chris Scott at his studio and had a trial run at the equipment and lights. Chris has a local studio in Dundee equipment with first rate gear and an excellent array of backdrops, however I needed to test it out with my Nikon camera. I got in touch with Kai Yee to see if she could come along for a short shoot, it had been a few years since we had a shoot together. One other small technical difficulty was getting my new fresnel modifier set up properly, eventually we had it rigged up and while it wasn’t as good as the previous Bowens one it did the job. And after a quick chin wag with Kai Yee we got down to work and took some shots.

Kai Yee
Kai Yee
Kai Yee
Kai Yee
Kai Yee

We played around with some fabrics and moved on to some portraits using Chris’s lighting gear.

Kai Yee
Kai Yee and the Black Rose
Kai Yee

We got a fair bit done in our short shoot and it was good to catch up with Kai Yee after such a long time. I’m not even going to mention how long ago it was but I’m pretty sure electricity was a new thing back then 😉

Chris has an excellent studio and is a first rate photographer, you can check out his work and web age at where he caters for a huge range of photography needs from weddings, family portraits, newborns to commercial work.

One Rainy Day with Nicole Rayner

Nicole Rayner and I had been trying to get a shoot organised for a while but bad timing and the pandemic made things very difficult. Eventually in September we both managed to get a day sorted for a location shoot, the studio had been sold so location was the only option at that time, come hell or high water. As it turns out it was high water really, the morning of the shoot rained like the start of Noah’s flood. Before leaving the house I made a flask of coffee to warm us up on the beach, and then promptly left it behind as I ran out the door.

I picked Nicole up at the train station and headed for snacks before hitting the beach, luckily on the way there the rain eased off a bit and by the time I parked the car the rain had stopped. The clouds were still hanging in there creating a very dramatic scene.

Dance of the Fey – Nicole Rayner
Let the Storm Come – Nicole Rayner
Flight of the Fey – Nicole Rayner
Ascension – Nicole Rayner

We dragged a dress along with us…..just because…

The black Swan – Nicole Rayner

And then Nicole decided to brave the water….

We head off to the forest for a break and warm up a bit…..things were still very soggy and water logged. After wandering around for a bit we came across this scene.

Water Nymph – Nicole Rayner

Heading back the car for a bite to eat and a break, the weather had improved a lot and even the sun threatened to make an appearance. We grabbed a couple of props and head back into the forest for more shots.

Blanket me with Moss – Nicole Rayner
In Moonlight the Wolf will come – Nicole Rayner

The Lure of the Fey – Nicole Rayner

And then lastly we found the second world war lookout post….

Sadly we ran out of time, as every shoot seems to. We needed to head back to get Nicole’s next train, it was a grand day out which started out a bit grim weather wise but in the end the sun came out and it was fabulous in the September sunshine. And of course Nicole is genuinely a lovely person to work with, actually let me change that to; Nicole is a genuinely lovely person, full of ideas and creativity. Much chat and humour was had (but no coffee) and it was great to catch up with our past adventures since our last meeting.

Hopefully we’ll catch up again for another adventure at some point.

Artemis in The Hunt

What a strange year 2020 has turned out to be, and not in a good way. It’s been a year of very few shoots due to the pandemic, but I have managed to do some social distancing locations shoots. These have been bright spots in the year, and one of those bright spots was the yearly shoot with Artemis Fauna. Originally it was supposed to be a studio shoot and studio day for other photographers but at the last minute the studio was sold and all bookings cancelled. Plans were changed and it meant Artemis and I had more time together for a shoot. When the day came it was dark and stormy, but we made the most of it and headed into the forest for some costume themes.

Artemis Fauna
Artemis Fauna

A dark day and a dark forest…..lends to tricky lighting but also some moody looks.

Artemis Fauna
Artemis Fauna

And perhaps a little mythology and mystery – The Summoning Stone

Artemis Fauna

It was a very busy forest lots of dogs and dog walkers, after a bite to eat we headed down to Port Allen reed beds for some art nude.

Artemis Fauna
Artemis Fauna

On the way back we hit some random spots before ending the shoot….

Artemis Fauna

And so ends another adventure…though we did hit the wine shop on the way home, where Artemis had samples of the local wine and chilli jam. It was another fun day with madcaps and unexpectedness, including dog walkers, capes, hairy mouldy poo, puppies, weird eyes, buzzards, dead rabbits, arrows, leather belts, brambles, toadstools, mossy feet, a sacrificial stone, boats, geese, reed beds, mink traps, a stingy arse…or two, and the nettles of surprise.

In other words….the usual!!

EFIAP/d3 – Job done

Following on from last year, I decided to carry on to the next FIAP level. I had 2 years in order to attain 100 awards with 20 different works in 10 different countries, however I gave myself a personal target of achieving this in a year. In the end I met my goal within 10 months, the final tally for this level is:-

116 awards, 51 different images and 19 countries

This is a grand total of 302 awards with 163 different awarded images, 3479 acceptances with 732 different images.

And so ends my FIAP journey, I may do the MFIAP at some point but at the moment it’s not on my horizon. Below are a selection of the images used in this Diamond level, in alphabetical order.

A Tameless Hunger – Rachelle Summers
All that Great Heart lying still – Lulu Lockhart
Angelic Melody – Joceline/Ariel Andersson
Angles of Lilith – Lilith Etch
Anita’s Chair – Anita de Bauch
Artemis Light – Artemis Fauna
Attic Moon Light – Artemis Fauna
Rachelle Summers
Blind Light – Rachelle Summers
Burlesque – Ivory Flame
Captured in Light – Helen Stephens
Cliff Face – Artemis Fauna
Cloud Angels – Artemis Fauna and Chrissie Red
Dark is my Nature – Lulu Lockhart
Delicate Dancer – Ivory Flame
Dryads in Grief – Scarlot Robinson, Keira Lavelle
Flame on Fire – Ivory Flame
Flames and Pearls – Ivory Flame
Flight of the Fey – Nicole Rayner
Gemma’s Robe – Gemma Huh
Heels over Head – Aurora Violet
Jennifer – Jen Somerfield
Just a Touch – Fredau H
Keira la Fey – Keira Lavelle
Life on Hold – Helen Stephens
Lulu’s Mane – Lulu Lockhart
Nimue – Chiara Elisabetta
Old Town Square – Prague
Ragged Shape of Lulu – Lulu Lockhart
Rapture – Tigerbelle
Red Velvet Summers – Rachelle Summers
Rest Calm and Remember Me – Artemis Fauna
Sea Shanty – Rachelle Summers
Slumbering Dragon – Stephanie Dubois
Symmetry of Light – Aurora Violet
Tenderness – Stephanie Dubois
The Beguiler – Keira Lavelle
The Dark Light of Aurora – Aurora Violet
The Red Scorpion – Katy Brankin
The Secret Waterfall – Scarlot Rose and Rachelle Summers
The Shadows of Aurora – Aurora Violet
The Summit – Chiara Elisabetta
The Trail of Tears – Rachelle Summers
Time for one more Daring Dream – Helen Diaz
Time – Anna Johansson
Turn Loose the Heaven Within – Helen Diaz
Watching the World with Sadness – Anita De Bauch
Within Reach – Aurora Violet
Without a Mask – Rachelle Summers

Again, many thanks to all the models I’ve worked with in the past, even if they aren’t shown here they have changed and contributed all the same. Without their support, expertise and skills I would not have been able to achieve this level of photography, every model I have worked with has been a delightful experience with laughter and adventures along the way.