Warning!!  This site mayWILL contain nudes!

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Intro to Portraiture – Lecture now available for the camera club circuit


Adventures in Art Nude 2.……is a work in progress, ready  in 2024.


My EFIAP/d3 distinction is now official and so far that ends my FIAP trail. There is the MFIAP distinction but at the moment I’m disinclined to apply for it as I value the diamond levels more. Perhaps if FIAP bring out more levels I will continue as they have been a worthwhile challenge.


Some feedback from Livingston CC on 30th Sept after the Nude without Rude Lecture:-

Another excellent speaker this evening. A very informative, interesting presentation delivered in an entertaining manner”
Nude Photography is not my thing but his presentation was well prepared and he’d obviously put a lot of thought into it. It was very enjoyable and amusing at times”
“Yeah it was very informative and engaging. Lots more to it than sticking a naked woman in the middle of an average landscapes.”
Enjoyed the speaker and very professional.”
“Enjoyed the speaker, Great depth of knowledge on a number of levels regarding his subject. Picked up a number of tips that I thought would be transferable to other settings. Great images ”
“A lot of what he said about composing an image apply to more than art nude images.”

Thanks folks it was a lovely to meet everyone


I have a new lecture out on the camera club circuit called An Introduction to Art Nude

It’s a powerpoint presentation with optional prints

My other 2 lectures were of a different type, Nude without Rude is an intense lecture on how to shoot nudes, Adventures in Art Nude is a light hearted and comical look at my journey and behind the scenes craziness.  An Introduction to Art Nude is for those who may not wish to take up Art Nude but would like to understand the genre anyway. It talks about gender issues, what makes a good art nude image and why, studio and location differences, composition and editing, judging an art nude and publishing on MSM.

I have to admit to having fun with the title:-

Uncovering Art Nude

The ins and outs of Art Nude

and others I wont mention.


I have added a tutorial video on how to edit an Art Nude, its on the AV page here

Post Processing an Art Nude



I have compiled a new lecture called ‘Adventures in Art Nude’, this features tales and stories of adventures when out shooting, Including studio and locations shoots with all models I’ve ever worked with. This is now ready for the camera club circuit and I am now taking bookings. It is a light hearted and fun personal history of the strange and crazy things that go in the art nude world. Each short story is accompanied by 4/5 images and questions are encouraged throughout the talk.
sample topics include:-
Suntan Lotion
Unexpected Nudeness
Frogs and Condoms
Orange Sheep
Coldest Shoot Ever
The Cruel Photographer
Elephant Rock
The Cow Shed
Stolen Goods
The Car Key incident
The Stabbing
Squirrels are a Headache


I have added a new section which will host AudioVisuals of various shoots, you can find them under the AV section. Using youtube to link them I can use popular music without breaking any copyright rules…happy days. The AVs are best viewed in full screen but a fast broadband is needed for this

Side note: The songs selected for each AV are chosen in relation to the model, the shoot theme or the storyline, eg.  Fire is a word play on Ivory Flame’s name, Love will tear us Apart is a favourite song of Helen Stephens, Helen Diaz loves Kate Bush, Without or Without You is chosen to match the storyline in The Change, etc etc. The songs have no bearing on me personally other than they have to be songs I actually like.


A new storybook called The Change is online now with an image and music only AV version, check the Storybook tab. Please read the story first before the AV or it wont make sense.


From 2017 all proceeds from my lecture, Nude without Rude  and Adventures in Art Nude will go to the charity ‘Young Epilepsy’

Young Epilepsy is the national charity working exclusively for the 112,000 children and young people aged 25 and under with epilepsy and associated conditions.

They exist to improve the lives of children and young people with the condition to enable them to fulfill their potential and ensure they have the best quality of life.


One of the best references I’ve ever had. About a recent shoot with Cheryl Elizabeth on our tour/shoot of the Highlands south of Inverness. The link contains nudes and is not safe for work.

Cheryl Elizabeth


I will be hosting regular Studio Art Nude workshops from Sept 2015 onwards, please contact me for further details.


My lecture called Nude without Rude is now taking bookings in the camera club circuit, a short summery is as follows:-


Nude Without Rude

This lecture explores the ins and outs of nude photography, ie … what is nude photography? and how to get started. It examines the main genres and its sub cultures, the difference between studio and location work.

It demonstrates the difference in themes using digital and print methods, it follows through with how to book a model, what to expect and achieve. It covers subjects like cost and the different types of payments, also how to act during an actual shoot.

It lists the Do’s and Do Not’s of working with models, what to expect when working in the studio and what to expect when working on location, camera settings and how to deal with weather. The lecture also deals with composition and editing, and finally how to build a portfolio.


If you would like to book a lecture please feel free to contact me on john@mrspider.co.uk