Warning!!  This site mayWILL contain nudes!


I will be hosting regular Studio Art Nude workshops from Sept 2015 onwards, please contact me for further details.



My lecture called Nude without Rude is now taking bookings in the camera club circuit, a short summery is as follows:-


Nude Without Rude


This lecture explores the ins and outs of nude photography, ie … what is nude photography? and how to get started. It examines the main genres and its sub cultures, the difference between studio and location work.

It demonstrates the difference in themes using digital and print methods, it follows through with how to book a model, what to expect and achieve. It covers subjects like cost and the different types of payments, also how to act during an actual shoot.

It lists the Do’s and Do Not’s of working with models, what to expect when working in the studio and what to expect when working on location, camera settings and how to deal with weather. The lecture also deals with composition and editing, and finally how to build a portfolio.



If you would like to book a lecture please feel free to contact me on john@mrspider.co.uk