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FIAP/d1 – Job Done!

So this year back in April I got my Platinum level FIAP certificate, and I wrote a blog declaring that I would go for the first Diamond level, the first of 3 ‘advanced’ levels. It was a tall order, I would need 50 awards using 15 different images in 5 different countries. Now normally that would be very tricky to do in a year, however it was worse because I had to start in April and submit in the beginning of December which left only 8 months rather than 12. However as of today I can happily report that I finished the requirement in less than 4 months, I attained 50 awards using 29 images in 9 countries, and I still have 6 salons left in the pipeline. Normally I’m not one for blowing my own trumpet but I have to admit I’m pretty chuffed at the result. For those who don’t know the FIAP system…it’s a bit complicated and daunting to start with but basically it’s a numbers game and strategy is needed to achieve the stated requirements without spending a fortune on salons.

The Diamond level is all about awards rather than acceptances, acceptances don’t count at all, though they can give you a good indication to which images are working well. I’ve listed the images that have gained awards, all are nudes/models save one. The list is in alphabetical order with no preference for any image, some got more awards than others but that does not mean the image is any ‘better’. Some have won Gold medals and some have won ribbons, but it must be remembered, it’s a numbers game…it’s better to get 3 ribbons than 1 medal etc etc. In saying that, it’s always nice to get gold medals and blue badges.

A Plea in the Dark – Helen Diaz
An Invocation – Ivory Flame
Attic Life – Amber Castle
Bereft – Ivory Flame
Cancer Survivor – Amber Castle
Dark Angel – Keira Lavelle
Figure Study – Rachelle Summers
Fly with the Wind – Ivory Flame
Holding Position – Lilith Etch
How Fragile the Moon – Ivory Flame
How Soft the Heart – Chrissie Red and Artemis Fauna
It was the Smallest of Stings – Rachelle Summers
Magic of a Moment – Ivory Flame
Portrait o f Talli – Talli Lindsey
Prisonnier de Soi – Stephanie Debois
The Ache Within – Lilith Etch
The Attic – Artemis Fauna
The Darkness of Lilith – Lilith Etch
The Fallen – Rachelle Summers
The Naiads of Assynt – Rachelle Summers, Scarlot Rose, Keira Lavelle
The Shape of Darkness – Rachelle Summers
The Shape of Summer – Rachelle Summers
Through the Secret Door – Helen Diaz
To Sleep, perchance to Dream – Jane Bennet
Twist – Artemis Fauna
We could be Heroes – Helen Stephens
When the Rose Sleeps – Scarlot Rose
While your lips are still Red – Helen Stephens and Keira Lavelle
Witchery – Helen Diaz

And erm…this one which seemed to have sneaked through for an award, really intended as a Nature filler….however…aptly named!

Long Tailed Tit

And that’s it, a big thank you to all the models I have worked with, even if you aren’t listed above you most definitely have been featured somewhere and will be again. So what now then? well there’s still Diamond 2 and 3 to go for…..I think a little break first, plus my finances are needing a breather!