Monthly Archives: January 2014

Emma Willis

May was a busy month!, it also warmed up nicely and  by the time Emma WIllis came up to Scotland the weather was lovely and warm, I had decided on a 2 hour studio shoot then heading off to the beach. So Emma arrived at the studio, bouncing down the grassy track in her new car. Into Studio Roro with a roaring start….this is an image called Roses and Lace.

Next up is my old suit, sadly I’m too chubby for it now lol

The image below is one of my favs, it’s just a simple shot but I like it.
The suit comes off….

Well two hours goes by fast and off we went to the beach. And being the heartless photographer that I am I forced Emma into the water. How far in? she asks….erm all the way, completely soaked, hair n all. Oh how she did squeal in the cold water!..Muahahahaha.  This image was taken when she came back out after a few submerged shots.
Now Tentsmuir is a common beach for horse riding and Emma said she always wanted a shot of herself with a horse, so I asked a passing horse rider if we could take a picture of Emma and the horse.
The horse liked Emma but was a bit unsure of the camera, the focusing light sometimes attracts unwanted attention from animals and little kids. We got Emma dried off and headed over to the sand dunes and this was one of the last images of the day.
All in all a grand afternoon out really, Emma is good company and works her socks off, unfortunately she lost the lock for her tummy button jewelry. A little trip to St Andrews to get said lock finished off the shoot nicely , after setting her off in her car with a fond farewell you would think that would be the end of the day right? Well…no! I set off home and 5 mins into the journey I get a call from Emma, some local sod had driven her into a ditch. So back I go to find her, her poor new car was stuck in a water run rut, also she blocked up the road causing a small tail back…..I managed to get a rope from a nearby farm and eventually we managed to pull the car out without any damage much to the relief of a now ever increasing tailback. I had to laugh a little and called her a trouble maker, winked and said goodbye. An eventful shoot really 🙂