Little Summer

I had been meaning to see Little Summer for a while but May being full of work and Holiday/Anniversary it wasn’t til July before I could get up to Arbroath. Summer is the beautiful daughter of Chris and Joe Cargill, I did pop in for 20 mins before but wasn’t armed with a camera so after a little re-arranging we organised a day to take some pictures. This is Chris Cargill :-

Not all went to plan though, I was to pop into Halfords get a radio fitted to the car, a job that should have taken 1 hour tops. Anyways 3 hours later, radio still not fitted and I’m busy phoning Chris to say sorry for the delay, eventually radio was fitted  and working after a fashion. I jumped in the car and headed up to see Summer, this time camera in hand. Like a pro model she had a few costume changes and a wealth of poses, the poses lasted for 100ms at most. We got some good shots though, mostly because Summer seemed mesmerized by the AF light on the camera, there was quite a few images with a bewilderd look on her cute face….she’s a bundle of fun 🙂


and toys….

Thanks to Joe and Chris for letting me photograph their first born.

PS when I got home I found that Halfords had fitted the wrong radio module for my car model, cheers Halfords…….

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