Life’s a beach!

With Summer fading fast my wife and I decided to take a weeks holiday and do ‘something’ but we found ourselves with odd things pre-booked to do during that week so we couldn’t go away for a break. However it turned out to be a good week none the less, during that time we managed to get a shoot with Chrissie Red who decided it was a good day for the beach. This was my wife’s first time on a shoot and it was good for her to see how it worked…plus she was reflector girl and chief lookout…..always a bonus.
Well it was one of those days where it threatened to be stormy but never really came to anything, clouds loomed and the wind blew yet the sun still shone.
Now Tentsmuir is one of those big expansive beaches with lots of sand and dunes on the edge of a forest, as such its really quite popular, so getting some nudes proved to be a waiting game.

Next Chrissie had this idea with a big red coat….sounds good to me.

Fairly dramatic clouds building up now, let’s step it up a bit….

Now the Storm really starts to brew…erm looks like its coming our way.

Right let’s go before it gets nasty out here…..I mean it is Summer after all….
So where now?…St Andrews Harbour…good idea!
Actually Chrissie was quite high above the water line here, and those harbour stairs were very narrow…..just more than a tad scary for her..but she did it.

Now!!…time for coffee and cake! in which we had raspberry tea, coffee, almond cake and an impossibly large millionaires shortbread.
A Grand Day Out for Chrissie Red, Reflector Girl and Johnny the Fox

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