Albi in the Studio

Some time  in May I got a message from Chrissie saying she had recommended me to a new model wishing to try some art nude in the studio. And sure enough I received a message from Albi saying she would like to organize a shoot, so the studio was duly booked. It was heartening to see that Albi had taken some advice on the subject regarding safety, she had checked out references and brought along her boyfriend as a chaperone  (always welcome as far as I’m concerned). She was a little nervous at first but soon warmed up as we got stuck into getting some images. Some simple poses first….

DSC_5107-Edit-2 DSC_5121-Edit-2 DSC_5130-Edit-2


Then onto using some materials and playing around with poses…


DSC_5189-Edit-2 Alba DSC_5210-Edit-2


After a quick break and a cuppa we checked to see if her boyfriend was still alive, he had fallen asleep on the sofa and slept through most of the shoot. We poked him, he moaned, so we reckon he was still alive, we moved on to some floor work.

DSC_5257-Edit-2 Albi


This image below won a PSA Honourable Mention In MNE International Circuit 2015


Alba Sofia DSC_5358-Edit-2 DSC_5276-Edit-2


Once we had some images we got down to experimenting a bit….


DSC_5485-Edit-2DSC_5419-Edit-2 DSC_5448-Edit-2


As usual time runs out all too quickly but we did get a fair amount done, I think Albi has a future in the art nude world if she chooses, she grasped the idea of the genre fairly quickly and seemed confident by the end of the shoot. She took directions easily and wasn’t scared to experiment, very much a team player in that respect.

At the moment Albi is working on an exciting and different career path, and all power to her for that. She would certainly be a model to watch out for if she dips her toes back into art nude modelling.

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