The Face of Summer

Earlier in the year Rachelle Summers put out a last minute casting call for a shoot near Leuchars, seemingly an organised shoot had been cancelled and she was going to be kinda stranded at the railway station for several hours. Now Leuchars isn’t a station you want to be stranded at, nice though it may be, it’s small and has limited facilities. Anyhow I tried to get a shoot organised with her for that time..however work was a bit iffy and there was a 50/50 chance of not making it. Fortunately alternative plans were made and she avoided the painful wait in the cold weather at the train station.
In the end though we made plans to have a shoot later in the year, so on a sunny day in September I picked her up from John Hewett’s flat in Burntisland and we made our way to RoRo studios in Tayport.
On the way up we regaled each other with horror stories from various holiday adventures and time passed very quickly, she is chatty, fun and good company. Due to work commitments we only had a couple of hours to do the shoot and they went very fast, in the end we ran out of time for a couple of ideas but it didn’t matter at all as we got some good shots….

This portrait won Best Portrait in Asansol Salon, India.

We moved on to try some materials….some sheer and some movement….

Swooosh, swirl and fling……

As I said before Rachelle is fun and good to work with, petite and very talented. Highly recommended to anyone, she brings a certain energy and zest to the images. Hopefully I will work with her again soon, definitely on my ‘work with again’ list. 🙂
On the way to Dundee to drop Rachelle of at the train station, next destination Aberdeen, we saw some of the most amazing rainbows I’d ever seen. All in all a very good day!

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