With Christmas just past and new year all done and dusted there came to pass a Scottish Creative Network meeting. The SCN is a facebook group which comprises of creative people like artists, make up artists, models, photographers, etc etc….and someone decided to have regular meets…you know, away from the computer! in real life like!…shocking I know.  So anyway it all turned out to be a big success, including meeting my cousin’s daughter for the first time, Jillian Crabb, who is a fantastic make up artist. It was quite a big turn out, and subsequent meets have been just as busy, so it was on the first meet that I met Amber Bliss, we didn’t have much chance to have a chat but afterwards we organized a studio shoot.

The studio lights had been set up for Lulu and it meant that Amber’s dark hair might be a bit of a problem lighting wise, however we played around and managed to get some good dark contrast shots.


Shying away from Light DSC_0678-Edit-2 DSC_0764-Edit-2 Bodyscape Amber Tones DSC_0801-Edit-2


I have been toning my B&W images for a while now and while it looks good to me certain online sites do not like them…the tone breaks up into greens and purples. I think the trick is to get them at the right pixel count but there’s so many sites wanting different sizes it’s hard to keep up. The tones break up badly in the blog here so I have made them straight gray scale.

So for a first shoot together Amber did amazingly well, she certainly has talent for art nude and I’m sure she’ll do well and be highly sought after.

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