Location Hunting and the BBC

Ok ok so I’m maybe a tad late with this blog…only 8 months but I do have a very valid excuse, I’m just bone idle. So let’s kick off with a story that led to an interesting and unexpected outcome. I had been working in Fife at the beginning of the year, somewhere along the fishing villages so I decided to use the chance to do a little location hunting. I drove around Anstruther and Pittenweem area lookng for somewhere around the shoreline to freeze a model, I wasn’t sure what I was looking for but I did see a couple of castle type ruins from the road, the first one was St Monans castle.

Plus the tower off to one side

I thought this had loads of potential so carried on to the next ruin, Lady’s Tower which actually isn’t a ruin just a folly however really nicely situated on a small cliff

This folly is a little walk from a car park and on the way there I came across and startled a buzzard with a fresh kill, I had my camera in my hand but didn’t get a chance to take an image. It was so close to me that I think the bird and I were stunned to find each other, however it recovered quicker than I did and flew off without its kill. On the way back to the car I came across a heron which had found the buzzards prize and decided to steal it, fortunately I was prepared this time and caught a number of shots. This following image was accepted and added to the BBC wildlife magazine, the heron picked up the feast which was a vole and flew off with it. The image was featured in the August edition of the magazine.

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