Little Ballo with Chrissie Red

By May it seemed like an age since I worked with Chrissie but it was only 3 months since our last shoot, even still it seemed too long. Now I had this location for a long time, it’s one of my favourite haunts for wildlife…full of deer, foxes, hares and all kinds of birds, however it is also full of broken down trees. During the last two years we have had some violent wind over the winter months and this has caused a lot of devastation to the local forests but this particular place has been actively worked by the forestry commision and as such some trees trunks have been left lying to rot. In the Autumn these trunks take on a silver hue and add to the dying landscape of fall, in the spring though they add an interesting contrast to bright green foliage of new shrubery and grasses, and of course the yellow of the broom and gorse. The idea of this shoot was to do nudes, the contrast between the gnarled trunks and Chrissie’s pale skin would work well. Fortunately this is a very quiet and little known location so working with a nude model is easy though a wary eye is still needed for the occasional dog walker.

Another lucky thing was the weather, sunny but not enough to cast shadows and warm enough for Chrissie to pose in comfort.

After avoiding a couple of dog walkers we moved on to a different area

and further own down the path…..

and on the way back…….

Chrissie was radiant, the sun and light played on her features and skin tones, there’s just too many pretty images to post.
This area has so much potential……I would be back again soon but in different circumstances.

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