Life is a Cabaret – Amber Castle

The last Studio day of 2019 with Amber and a theme suggested by here after she had been to the stage play of Cabaret. Seemed like a great idea to me, so we got there and after a quick outfit change and lighting setup we were good to go.

Amber Castle
Amber Castle

A little change of outfits and setting…

A little dark nude work….

Then a complete change for some portraits and three quarter length images…

And this would be the last ever art nude image as Amber has now retired from modelling…

It’s always such a great time working with Amber, the time goes so quickly and we play around and experiment a lot. However it’s time for Amber to close this modelling chapter in her life as she is moving on to other things. I think we can all say she has gained an immense body of high quality work in her modelling career. I’m sure everyone who has worked with Amber would wholeheartedly agree.

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