Amber and the Queens

Mid Summer and Amber and I are back in the studio for more shenanigans and craziness, Amber had the idea of doing a Christina and the Queens theme, so we used that as a jumping off point. We had a bit of a shooting gap this Spring/Summer as Amber had a stage of surgery and was still healing, all very much an emotional roller coaster but going well.

Changing up a little I had the idea of using the light stand more…

Amber Castle

For a complete change we did some Film Noir type shots, all dark and moody with a touch of impropriety…Lighting here was extremely tricky, getting the reflection light was a case of trial and error.

Amber Castle

Changing again for some portraits, with Amber’s reconstruction nearly complete it was good to show a little of the stages of the surgical results..

And with a little editing…

Amber Castle

Quite a productive couple of hours with much craziness and experimentation, by the time we were finished we were famished and headed out for tea and paninis at the local cafe! A jolly good outing I would say.

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