Donna in the Studio

I had met Donna a couple of times at the Scottish Creative Network social nights and we eventually got round to shooting together in the studio. I picked her and her massive suitcase up and off we sped to the studio, having a good ole chuckle on the way. We get in the studio and have a nosey at all the fab outfits Donna brought, we decide on just a waistcoat to start off with. The idea was to keep everything very dark and moody……and B&W.

DSC_4276-Edit DSC_4280-Edit Donna J


And out of the huge suitcase we use a small feather pendant…….mostly!


DSC_4307-Edit-2 DSC_4310-Edit-2 The Feather Charm



Then we dig out a fluffy coat……but I mean why wear it when you can sit on it?!



I also love this one….because the face is hidden it adds a little mystery.




Then we do some sheer material…..







In the end we hardly used much at all from the massive amount of stuff in the suitcase, but then Donna has such a great figure and flair for nude work it seemed appropriate to do without. I’m determined to use the outfits the next time though……or am I. We’ll just have to wait and see,  Donna was a hoot to work with, relaxed and friendly with a slight hint of  mischief and a wicked look. I hope she does more nude work with other photographers as she has such a strong look for this genre….so watch out for her if she pops up in your area.

My ‘work with again’ list grows.

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