Summer on the Beach

So Spring came round and Scotland had an early Summer in the shape  of the ever lovely Rachelle Summers. It was the end of April and a fairly nice day weather wise, which is good as I had planned to go on location seeing as we had always worked in the studio before. This would be our first location shoot together.

Early in the morning before the place got too busy we headed to the beach for some semi nude work in the surf, Rachelle jump right in and produced some stunning poses. I, on the other hand, was struggling with a lens that just didn’t seem to want to focus. However we still got some stunning shots.

DSC_3937-Edit-2 Mer Ange


The water was still freezing cold and after a short while…longer than I expected considering, Rachelle ran out, got dried and we headed back to the car for a warm drink and a snack. We then headed into the forest and spotted a large log pile, Rachelle said she had never posed against log ends…..this one was right on the main path but with a little wait we managed to get some shots without getting seen….I think.

DSC_3952-Edit-2 DSC_3946-Edit


We headed deeper into the forest to find a suitable spot….we found several!

DSC_3997-Edit-2 DSC_3991-Edit-2 DSC_3979-Edit-2


In another spot, again right next to a main path, we used some soft colours.

DSC_4027-Edit DSC_4014-Edit


And right round the corner was this little bridge and stream….

DSC_4042-Edit Testing the Water


We headed out again, by this time we were quite a distance from the car but we spotted this old 2nd world war lookout shelter and made full use of its old window frame.

Window Nude DSC_4128-Edit-2 Window


We headed back to the car for more hot drinks and snacks, we still had some time left so we headed back out onto the beach just as the sky was turning stormy and moody. A little splash of red to highlight a scene amidst the grim weather.

Rachelle Summers

Rachelle Summers

DSC_4218-Edit-2 Summer on the Beach


It rained so we headed back but I think we had a very successfully shoot….despite a dodgy lens. Of course its always a pleasure working with Rachelle, she’s good fun and chatty, highly energetic and full of life…at the same time very professional. This was actually our 6th shoot together and we have our 7th in November, highly recommended to anyone, beginners and experienced alike.

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