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Amber in the Attic

Amber and I got round to shooting this Spring, she had been told of a location near St Cyrus featuring abandoned houses, cliffs and a beach…what’s not to like really?! So we headed off there one very overcast day, it was about an hour away and it was also very tricky to find. Eventually we got parked and hiked down a narrow cliff path to the beach and it was past 11am when we got there and still very poor light.  We aimed for the abandoned house first, passing good potential scenes on the way. The building looked like it was some kind of drying house for fisherman to hang their catch, it had an attic that was clean and dry….and it had one skylight that shed a puddle of light onto the floor….perfect!!



The light was soft through the skylight due the overcast sky, I think if it been a normal day the scene would have been to contrasty

Down on the ground level there was a fire place and again rafters, less clean here but nice and grungy ….



Funnily by the time we had finished the shots on the stairs Amber’s posterior was black with soot which made for a good comical outtake….which is not shown in this blog (all outtakes are private).

Anyway the weather looked like it was clearing up a bit, ie the foggy overcast-ness got brighter so we go outside for a couple of exterior shots.



But seeing as this Scotland the weather changed to a soft rain, wet enough to force us back inside, which actually worked out well…Amber making full use of the bits of rope hanging from the beams in a Cabaret style



Still raining outside so we changed outfits, neither of us had much props because we planned to switch various locations along the beach…but we improvised and adapted.



By this time the weather took a break from rain so we took our chance and headed back to the car, walking up the cliff path was a gasper….then drove to Brechin for some well earned tea and cakes! It’s hard life sometimes!

Amber totally rocked the location as she usually does on any location, always open to ideas and creative madcap shenanigans.  Top stuff!