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Amber and De Silva

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Francisca da Silva when Time Pile and Holly were up in Dundee for Tim’s lecture on Have I got Nudes for You, and I was delighted that she contacted me with an offer of a joint shoot in the Summer. After a bit of organising we drafted up a schedule with Amber and Chrissie as models across three days, unfortunately I could only take 2 days off work but it meant that Francisca would have the company of both models together on the last day. So day one started of with Amber on a chilly June day, I had the idea of spending a short time in Little Ballo then moving quickly on to Lairds Loch, but we spent quite a while in Little Ballo and never made it to Lairds Loch, there was no need really as we got all we needed. Before we even got Amber into it a decent location we came across some wild deer on the hillside not far from us.




The Broom flowers had mostly disappeared by this time, however the spikey and prickly gorse bushes were in full bloom.




And lo…the sun came out…and it got less chilly….eventually!

DSC_0121-Edit DSC_0134-Edit


And things became green……its was almost Spring like, which is fairly good for Summer in Scotland!


The Green Curve DSC_0238-Edit


And like the vampires we were we shunned the contrasty light that the sun brought and headed into the trees….


Forest Slumbers DSC_0317-Edit-2 A Dryad Morning DSC_0467-Edit-2


After a quite a while we headed off to Little Glenshee, stopping of for a bit of lunch on the way at Dunkeld. There’s a slate quarry there and a couple of interesting locations which I’ve earmarked for future use. By this time though the Sun had gone and a cool wind had picked up, Amber was getting cold very quickly, so we had to do short bursts as the barren landscape held no shelter from the wind.


50 Slates of Grey


At the edge of the slate quarry was a very green patch of woodland that had somehow managed to thrive despite the icy blasts, it gave us shelter too and provided us with a few shots.



And this last shot was actually at the car park, there is a river there but rather than building a bridge the river had its floor concreted and turned in a ford. Mostly I think this to be a sensible idea but lately I suspect this would be impassable with the amount of rain storms we’ve been having recently.



It was a great fun day out though cold in places and contrasty in other places, but then Scotland is very unpredictable and you take your chances when you out into the wilds. Amber did very well in different difficult conditions, she had her share of discomforts but held up well. Another great adventure!