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Amber and Chrissie

Summer in Scotland can be a dicey thing….one day hot, the next wet and cold. And so it was when Chrissie and I asked Amber if she wanted to join us on a shoot or, as it was a miserable day, a location hunting jaunt. I had in mind to check out Little Glenshee, its a small road west of the Bankfoot turn off on the A9, I had always found it to be a very quiet road but then I had always gone there on rotten weather or the winter. We headed off and we arrived at the end of the track some time later and it was absolutely pissing down with rain.


You can’t see the hills for the clouds and rain, from the little car park at the end we dashed out to see what could be made of the small bridge over the river. Chrissie and Amber did a few test poses before running back in the car, I had taken the shots even though the camera was getting soaked. In the car Amber said she kinda liked the wet look of the bridge and so a after a silent moment of contemplation Chrissie and Amber jumped out the car nearly nude and posed on the bridge in the pouring rain….mad, totally mad!

DSC_6132-Edit-2 DSC_6138-Edit-2


We ran back to car but I had spotted a rock Amber could pose on…



You can see the rain on Amber’s hair here…..I edited the rest of the rain out to make a workable image..


At this point I heard Chrissie trying to get back into the car, it had locked itself after 3 minutes. I felt my pocket for the car key and with horror I realised that the key was inside the car and the girls were probably locked out in the rain with no clothes!!!…in the middle of nowhere!

Luckily the car was clever enough to realize the keys were inside and it had locked all the doors except for the drivers door…phewwww!!!. Seriously it was one of those moments where I was about to put a rock thru the window! Anyway we headed back to Dunkeld for a much needed warming lunch….and planned another trip there next week.


And so a week later the sun came out and it was blisteringly hot!!….typical, one extreme to the other. So we parked the car in the empty car park and headed off into the hills, ideally I was heading towards Loch Ruthven, it looked isolated on the map and looked promising as a location. Meantime I spotted a ledge in the hill so we went there first, it was a small cliff edge looking higher than it actually was….you still wouldn’t like to fall though, it would hurt a bit!

DSC_6174-Edit-2 DSC_6184-Edit DSC_6199-Edit Something wicked this way comes DSC_6215-Edit-2 DSC_6216-Edit

It was a bit of climb but from that vantage point we could see more interesting rock formations and cliffs..although I’ve chosen B&W here the rocks were an unusual green colour. Amber poses amidst the layers.

DSC_6247-Edit-Edit DSC_6250-Edit-Edit

We walk up to the tree you can see in the top images and Chrissie and Amber pose in the shade. Shamelessly in front of some curious sheep…shocking behaviour!

DSC_6257-Edit DSC_6276-Edit

Well we walked a fair distance in the sun and got well off the road I was aiming for but eventually we got to the loch and found it wasn’t a good location at all….oh well, worth a try, they can’t all be stonkers. Back near the car park I thought I’d take this country bumpkin type image as Amber was kinda dressed like a yokel and suited the scene….thoughts of Dexy’s Midnight Runners sprang to mind.

Amber in Gold


We had thought about doing some cool river images as we were boiling hot but when we got back to the car we found the car park was full and the area mobbed by families and kiddies all having picnics and BBQs….and I don’t blame them, its a good place for kids to play and the river is shallow enough to be safe. We were all to hot for lunch this time so we headed to Dunkeld in search of massive ice creams…..which we duly found 🙂

Another grand adventure!